Winter Adult Crew Position

07 December 2018

Winter crew members will be a part of a small crew of 4. Members will participate in outdoor conservation-based service work during the winter months. Projects will consist of outdoor conservation-based service work. This work includes: invasive species removal, fire and fuels reduction, wetland and riparian rehabilitation, fencing, trails projects and participation of educational projects within Canyon Country Discovery Center. Projects will depend on funding from project sponsors and weather during the winter months. This work is very physically demanding but rewarding. Crews will be working outdoors during the winter months. Members will also participate in planning a volunteer event on Martin Luther King Day on Jan 21. Members will be responsible for all planning and implementation of this volunteer event. They will be supported by CCYC staff.
Education: The crew’s educational component is an integral part of the CCYC Program. Crews devote part of every hitch, to a short lesson, journaling exercise or discussion.
Training: Winter crews will participate in technical trainings pertinent to their work projects. Training provided will depend on the crew that the member is placed on.
Food: Each person on the crew will contribute a weekly fee of $30 towards the group’s food budget. This amount will be automatically deducted from paychecks. Any amount of the cash issued that is not spent, can be distributed back to everyone equally.
Communal Bunkhouse: Members will be charged $5 per night for staying in the bunkhouse. This fee can be waived by engaging in an hour of service at or around the bunkhouse for each night members stay. Members will not be charged for housing if they are required to stay at the bunkhouse for their work project.
The crews will work 8 hours days, 5 days in a row. They will have at least 2 days off after each week.
Crewmembers will be expected to build and maintain technical trails, construct habitat enclosures, construct fences, work on invasive species removal and/or work with chainsaws on fuels reduction, among other projects. They may work at high elevations for extended periods of time in a variety of weather conditions. As part of a crew, crewmembers will be expected to perform assigned tasks ranging from kitchen/camp set-up to cooking dinner and other camp chores. Winter crewmembers will rotate being leaders on projects. At least one week each member will be responsible for all paperwork, logistic, and communication with project sponsors.
Crewmembers should lead physically active lives prior to becoming a member of a crew. Crewmembers will perform the duties of this position in several different settings. The work sessions will be located in desert and mountain environments of Southeast Utah. The position requires bending, lifting, pushing, stooping, carrying and other demanding physical labor. Crewmembers will be exposed to physically and mentally demanding situations.
CCYC provides transportation from our Monticello, UT basecamp and to and from the worksites.
Please be aware that under no circumstances, will CCYC pay or reimburse you for any personal travel. That will be your responsibility. We highly recommend you bring your own vehicle. It will make your experience in the Four Corners Region much more memorable and exciting, seeing as how we do not provide transportation on days off and there is much to see and explore!
Crewmembers will receive a living stipend of $425 per week distributed on a biweekly basis; Crewmembers are eligible for an AmeriCorps Education Award ($1,556.14) upon completion of the term of service, along with their living stipend.

For more information about the program, and the on-line application, please go to Reasonable accommodations can be made for interviews, as well as for service for any qualified applicant with a disability.