Canyon Country Discovery Center offers place-based NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) activities across grades K-12, aligned with Common Core State Standards.

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August 16, 2017

Dear Educators:

The Canyon Country Discovery Center (CCDC), campus of Four Corners School of Outdoor Education, aims to be a resource for place-based science, engineering, mathematics, and geography education for the region. We offer a range of learning experiences both on our campus and through outreach. At the CCDC, learners can explore interactive exhibits related to science, nature, and local culture in our Colorado Plateau Education Center, engage in hands-on educational programs facilitated by our staff both indoors and outdoors, and climb on a bouldering wall. Via our “Discovery 2 Go” van we can also bring some of the same educational programs to your school.

Our educational programs are developed for culturally diverse learners, to explore and discover the natural history and landscapes, people and places, land use and energy, astronomy, and water and climate of the Colorado Plateau. All of our programs, both on and off-campus, are standards-based and engage learners in scientific and/or engineering practices.

To make the content more meaningful to students, programs relate to the Colorado Plateau. This area is mostly arid, high elevation and is sliced by innumerable colorful sandstone canyons and studded with diverse mountains. It attracts visitors from around the world and covers much of Utah, northern Arizona, northwestern New Mexico and a portion of western Colorado.

All of our education programming creatively enhances students’ educational experiences through hands-on, “think like a scientist” activities. Links to the Next Generation Science Standards, Geography for Life: National Geography Standards, and the Common Core Standards are noted for each program. A detailed description of our extensive array of programming can be acquired by visiting our website or by phone/email.

To help you customize your experience, we have enclosed our Canyon Country Discovery Center brochure that highlights all of the various activities that take place at the CCDC. For more information and to book a program either on our campus or at your school, please call 435-587-2156 or email . Book early as dates fill quickly!


Holly Nickel, Education Coordinator