Seeds of Success - Restore the Colorado Plateau

18 December 2017 Published in News

Recent monsoons have replenished the Colorado Plateau’s cracked surfaces with enough moisture for a second bloom of native wildflowers and grasses, which is good news for pollinators and seed collectors alike. Native seed collection is the crux of Canyon Country Discovery Center's new native plant program, born out of a partnership with the Bureau of Land Management’s Seeds of Success program. This month we have our eyes on sunflowers, daisies, sand dropseed, milkweeds, yellow beeplant, and more, that will be used for research and restoration across the country. Currently, the seed mixes that are planted after wildfires or over grazed areas often contain non-native species that can shift the ecosystem even further out of balance. We hope that the Seeds of Success program will spread awareness of native seed availability and information on how to use it.

The team has also been busy on campus cleaning up our landscaping (thanks to Canyon Country Youth Corps and our wonderful volunteers), creating new demonstration gardens, and developing interpretive programs revolving around plant ecology. They are also constructing a greenhouse that will eventually grow plants for campus gardens, the Colorado Plateau Education Center biome exhibits, and small restoration projects nearby.

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