Our Mission

Four Corners School of Outdoor Education creates lifelong learning experiences about the Colorado Plateau for people of all ages and backgrounds through education, service, adventure, and conservation.

Thirty Years of Four Corners School’s Accomplishments:

Since 1984, FCS has provided a wide range of place-based outdoor education programs for some 114,504 participants, ranging in age from 6 to 90. FCS has provided over 265,000 hours of youth and adult service on public lands, 937,000 hours of student/youth outdoor education, 418,000 hours of adult outdoor education, and 186,460 hours of teacher training in outdoor education. The School has awarded 200 teacher scholarships for our outdoor programs; repaired or rehabilitated hundreds of miles of roads, springs, and trails; and worked to protect over 40 archaeological sites on public land.

Conservation & Service Work by Four Corners School’s CCYC Youth since 2000

  • 37,673 hours of outdoor education and job training
  • 195,707 hours of service work on Colorado Plateau public lands
  • 782 Corps members enrolled in 100 work crews
  • 10,200 ponderosa pine tree saplings planted and shielded
  • 31 natural springs improved and restored in the Abajo and La Sal Mountains
  • 203 miles of trails constructed and repaired in the Abajo and La Sal Mountains, Canyonlands and Natural Bridges National Parks, and Canyon Country Discovery Center
  • 37 habitat exclosures constructed to restore native habitat for fish, wildlife and migratory birds and to protect sensitive riparian and cryptobiotic soils
  • 15 miles of fence removed on various public lands for habitat improvement
  • 87 acres of brush cleared to reduce fire hazard and 490 acres of Habitat Restoration/Improvement
  • 12 miles of trash removal along highways and (3 tons) of trash picked up from federal/other lands
  • 64.7 miles of cattle fence construction and repair for range and habitat improvement
  • 1,369 acres of mechanical thinning and slash piling to reduce fire hazard and for fire line
  • 800 pounds of recycled materials transported to the Moab recycling center and Belt Salvage
  • 6 large check dams, 4 cattle guards, and 3 Bighorn sheep guzzlers built for wildlife
  • 60 miles of invasive species removed on Dolores, Escalante, and Colorado Rivers (1,460 acres)
  • 140 individual illegal OHV road closures completed on BLM lands
  • 164 two-ton truck loads of cord wood hauled and loaded, Natural Bridges National Monument 
  • Numerous painting, trash clean up, sweeping, weeding projects, trimming trees, irrigation, fire hydrants painted for cities of Monticello and Blanding Utah
  • Numerous Gunnison Sage Grouse feeding study plots prepped, recorded, and taken out
  • 23,000 Sagebrush Seedlings planted for Gunnison Sage Grouse Habitat Improvement Projects
  • 5,645 trees and other plants planted after invasive species removed
  • 3 irrigation systems installed to water the revegtation along the Colorado River
  • 350 square feet of exterior painting and 2 houses repaired for Navajo families
  • Fence removal and hogan re-building at Edge of Cedars State Park
  • 153 new waterbars built and 52 maintained, 145 rock stairs installed, 30 campsites rehabilitated
  • 12 public facilities maintained and 3 community landscaping/beautification projects completed
  • 1 Accessible walkway/ramp built / 1 community watershed protection fence installed
  • 7 Corps members successful in securing Federal land management agency positions

Four Corners School of Outdoor Education's work has been honored 21 times locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally in:

  • 1992 by the National Wildlife Federation for work in Comb Wash
  • 1993 by the Utah Wildlife Society for Peregrine Falcon research
  • 1995 by U.S. Forest Service for significant archaeological excavations on the Colorado Plateau
  • 1994 by the Utah Society for Environmental Education as the Environmental Education Program of the Year
  • 1999 by the Utah Society for Environmental Education as the Environmental Education Program of the Year
  • 1999 by the Coleman Company as the Outdoor Education and Recreation Program of the Year
  • 2001 with the Governor of Utah’s Medal for Science and Technology (in science education)
  • 2001 by the North American Association for Environmental Education for Outstanding Service to Environmental Education at the Regional Level
  • 2001 with National Public Radio’s E-Chievement Award
  • 2002 with the Olympics Committee Spirit of the Land Environmental Education Award
  • 2003 with the Prescott College Desert Star Award
  • 2003 with the Utah Society for Environmental Education as the Environmental Educator of the Year award
  • 2004 with the Governor of Utah’s Watershed Improvement Award
  • 2004 with the BLM’s State of Utah Public Lands Volunteer of the Year award
  • 2005 with the Utah Society for Environmental Education’s Program and Educator of the Year
  • 2006 Tourism Cares for Tomorrow Award
  • 2008 as one of National Geographic Traveler Magazine’s 50 Great Tours of a Lifetime for our Southwest Safari Camps
  • 2009 with the Public Lands Service and Project of the Year awards from The Corps Network for our Dolores River Restoration Project
  • 2013 Phil James Conservation Award from the Nature Conservancy for Canyon Country Youth Corps’ work in the Dolores River Restoration Partnership
  • 2013 Outstanding Service to Environmental Education Award from the Environmental Education Association of New Mexico for BOEP
  • 2014 Member of the Colorado Collaboration Award for the Dolores River Restoration Partnership